Newstalk: Hamideh Aramideh of VOA briefly reviews today's headline news. Recently, the Iranian regime has decided to receive most of the proceeds of the sales of the oil in EURO instead of the Dollar. Today Vafa Mostaghim of VOA and the host of the program together with his guests will examine the ramifications of this conversion by IRAN. Today's Guests include, Dr. Hassan Mansour, Economics professor of Shiller University, Via Polycom, Dr. Bahman Aghai Diba Political analyst, in DC studio and Babak Yektafar of Washington Prism in DC studio.

News & Views: The UN Security Council is scheduled a vote either today or Saturday on a resolution that would impose Sanctions against Iran. Setareh Derakhshesh of VOA reviews today's headline news in detail and Interviews Dr. Khosrow Pakbaz Iranian Economist Via Phone in Paris about the ramifications of the sanctions on the Iranian Economy.

Roundtable: Today's host, Bijan Farhoodi interviews Nicholas Burns the under secretary of the US State Department. In this rare interview they look at the US policy towards Iran and Mr. Burns talks directly to the callers from Iran and answers their questions.

Late Edition: After a brief review of the headline news, Behnood Mokri of VOA host of the program talks to Hamideh Aramideh of VOA about her interesting interview with a survivor of the HOLOCAUST , Mr. Eli Wissal who is a Human Rights activist, Philosopher and and writer, we encourage you to watch this interview. Also Asian Football (Soccer) games that were held in Qatar have ended, Behrouz Afrakhan, Journalist and Sports commentator via polycom from Los Angeles, talk about the event and present status of the Football (Soccer) games in Iran.