News Talk: Payam Yazdian of VOA briefly reviews today's headline news and Gamshid Charlengi of VOA host of today's program together with his guests will examine and review the results of the Elcetions in Iran. Today's guests include, Dr. Cyrus Amoozgar, Writer & Journalist from paris/Polycom, Daryoush Homayoon, former Iranian deplomat and Monarchist from Switzerland and Mr. Mohssen Sazegarha / Political Analyst.

News & Views: Anooshiravan Kangarloo of VOA will talk about today's headline news in detail and discusses the latest results of the Elections in Iran with his In studio guests Mr. Hassan Shariatmadari / General secretary of the Pro Republican Organization of Iran and Son of the Ayatollah Shariatmadari, and Dr. Morteza Anvari / Political Analyst of Strayer University. Dr. Ali Reza Nourizadeh, Independent Journalist via phone from London/UK talks about the sanctions on Iran and the election results.

Roundtable: Bijan Farhoodi of VOA and his guests Dr. Amir Ghandchi Head of the Iranian American Medical Association and Mr. Jahangir Golestan-parast, Iranian Director and Film maker look at the city of BAM and what has been done about it after the devestating earth quake.

Late Edition: After a brief review of the head line news, Luna Shad host of the program talks to Sam Amir-Ebrahimi of VOA about the outcome of the US Economic Delegation's trip to China and she talks about "YALDA Night", the longest night of the Winter and its traditional ceremony in Iran. Also Dr. Vahid Behravan M.D. of VOA continues his discussion about "Tubeculosis".