NewsTalk focuses on the latest draft resolution against Iran at the UN and Iran's Holocaust conference with Dr. Alireza Namvar Haghighi Researcher, University of Toronto, Sohrab Sobhani, Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University & energy consultant and Homa Sarshar, freelance journalist.

News & Views reports live from the Pentagon where President Bush is meeting with senior defense officials on Iraq. President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair react to Iran's Holocaust conference.

Roundtable discusses the Iranian Holocaust conference and the regime of Ahmadinejad's disinformation campaign to rewrite history of with Fariar Nikbakht, Director, Committee for Religious Minority Rights in Iran.

Late Edition reports on Tuesday's American Enterprise Institute discussion on Iran's upcoming election for the Assembly of Experts and the Washington Institute for Near East Policy's panel on the Baker-Hamilton recommendations for the Middle East region.