News Talk: After review of today's headline news by Payam Yazdian of VOA, News talk host Vafa Mostaghim of VOA and his three guests will discuss the roundup of last week's US foreign policy news. Guests of this program include, Dr. Shirin Hunter, director of the Islam Program at CSIS in studio, Nasser Mohammadi editor of Keyhan weekly in London and Siamak Deghanpour of VOA in studio.

News & Views: Anooshiravan Kangarloo of VOA discusses today's headline news in detail and his guests in studio, Bijan Kian, Member of the board of directors of EXIM bank talks about the functions of the bank, Sam Amir-Ebrahimi of VOA discusses the reasons behind weekness of the Dollar and interest rate hikes in Europe and Ali Reza Nourizadeh Independent Journalist from London discusses the latest on Iran and Iraq.

Roundtable: Bijan Farhoodi of VOA and his guest Mohsen Milani Political Analyst, examin the content of the Iraq commission's report.

Late Edition: Behnood Mokri of VOA breifly looks at today's headline news and interviews his guest, Iranian Computer Grafic Designer "Sareh Khajehnoori".