Newstalk discusses the "Ayatollah in the political arena" with Rasool Nafisi, Professor of Sociology, Strayer University, Shayan Samii, business consultant and chairman of the Iranian American Republican Council, and Nasser Mohammadi, writer and journalist for Kayhan-London.

Iraq/Syria top the headlines on News & Views. Washington Prism Editor Babak Yektafar is live in studio and Director of Security Studies at East Carolina University, Dr. Jalil Roshandel is live by phone.

Roundtable interviews legendary Iranian-American television director, Reza Baidai, on his rise and success in Hollywood. Baidai is well known for his work on such hit series "Mission Impossible",  "Hawaii Five-O", "Knots Landing", "Star Trek", "Baywatch" and “Eight is Enough,” to name a few.

Late Edition examines the hardship some Iraq & Afghanistan veterans are having assimilating back into the civilian work environment. Even though certain laws protect jobs held by National Guardsmen and reservists while serving on active duty, the number of unemployed veterans is growing -- and many are unable to find jobs despite having valuable skills.