Newstalk, Babak Yektafar, Editor-in-Chief, Washington Prism, Amir Abbas Fakhravar, student political activist and former political prison; Shayan Samii, chairman of the Iranian-American Republican Council analyze the significance of Tuesday's results.

News & Views leads with an election wrap and a report from the Hill examining the changing balance of power and the its importance for U.S.-Iran relations Rep. Nancy Pelosi is profiled. Babak Yektafar, Editor-in-Chief of Washington Prism, provides in depth political analysis. World reaction to Tuesday's results will be reported as well. Press and Internet censorship in Iran will be discussed in an interview with a spokesperson from Reporters without Borders.

Roundtable talks with Republican political analyst Navid Sherafatian and Democratic political analyst Dr. Behzad Tohidi. VOA correspondent Siamak Denghan Pour will kick off with the major headlines from Tuesday's elections, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and possible implications for U.S. foreign policy. President Bush's press conference reacting to the results will be taken live at 1 pm ET

Late Edition examines the election results and President Bush's press conference.