Newstalk discusses the U.S. Navy's mock interdiction exercises in the Persian Gulf. Bahman Aghaie Diba, consultant, World Resources Company, Amir Abbas Fakhravar, former political prisoner in Iran and student movement leader, and Reza Ghasemi, Center for the Preservation of Iranian Culture and Art, join the discussion.

News & Views covers North Korea's announcement that they will return to six party talks. Dr. Nasser Tahmasebi, editor-in-chief of the Persian language magazine Society and Science analyzes the latest on Iran and Iraq. Correspondent Nazzy Beglari reports from New York on the UN's latest report on human rights in Iran.

Roundtable hosts a special hour with Iran's most renowned female contemporary poet and human rights activist Simin Behbahani.

Late Edition reviews the latest Annette Benning movie, "Running with Scissors."