Newstalk will discuss the latest from Iraq, prospects for the future of America's involvement there plus reports of Iranian and Syrian involvement in the insurgency. We'll also look at a press roundup of Western sources in order to glean a more comprehensive picture of events inside Iraq. Georgtown University professor Rob Sophani, journalist and author Homa Sarshar and economist Hassan Mansour join the discussion.

News & Views reports on President Bush's morning press conference on Iraq. A new report from Reporters without Borders cites a number of jailed journalists in Iran. Prof. Kamran M. Dadkhah, Associate Professor at the Dept. of Economics at Northeastern University, discusses Iran's economy.

Roundtable speaks with legendary Iranian artist Mary Apick about her new theatrical production, "Beneath the Veil", a provocative look at the clash between secular and political ideologies. Famed Iranian human rights activist and journalist Akbar Gandji will join us from Paris, France. 

Late Edition leads with U.S. criticism of the UN Human Rights Council. How U.S. politicians are using the internet to appeal to the youth vote. An interview with santour virtuoso Alan Kushan on his craft and musical style.