Newstalk examines Iran on the threshold of sanctions by the international community. Nasser Mohammadi, deputy editor of Kayhan-London; Shayan Samii, head of the Iranian American Republican Council and Dr. Rassool Nafisi, a political science professor from Strayer University join the discussion.

News & Views has the latest on Secretary Rice's meeting with IAEA chief Mohammad El-Baradei. Professor Ali Akbar Mahdi, a sociologist from Ohio Wesleyan college discusses Iranian President Ahmadinejad's call for Iranians to increase Iran's population and its implication for families, poverty and society.

Roundtable talks with Dr. Namdar Baghaie-Yazdi, a scientist who has pioneered the development of biofuel in the United Kingdom. He'll discuss energy alternatives to Iran's nuclear program.

Late Edition leads in a new initiative to jump start the Arab-Israeli peace process. Behnam Nateghi reports on Doctor's Advocate a new album by rapper Game, which is not produce by Dr. Dre.