Newstalk will discuss the European Union's latest position in negotiations over Iran's nuclear program. Washington prism editor, Babak Yektafar; author, economist and specialist in Iran and fmr. Soviet relations, Dr. Bahman Aghaie Diba; and Chairman of the Iranian American Republican Council Shayan Samii, join the discussion.

News & Views has the latest from Secretary Rice's trip to Asia and the regional response to North Korea's nuclear tests. VOA reporter Nasreen Mahdavi files a live report from Berlin on the German foreign minister's latest comments on Iran. Economist Ali Rashidi joins us to to discuss the failing economy of Iran. VOA's New York correspondent Nazzy Beglari reports on efforts by Iran's education ministry to bar students from University admission based on their political beliefs.

Roundtable wraps up its ten year anniversary celebration by opening up the phones for the full hour and playing memorable archival clips from shows past.

Late Edition leads with the Islamic Republic's crackdown on press freedom and the latest headines from around the globe. Host Behnood Mokri interviews Azam Ali, an Iranian-American singer, who'll discuss her life and career.