Newstalk examines the nexus between oil and politics as OPEC ministers descend on Doha for a meeting aimed at cutting oil output. Georgetown professor and energy consultant Rob Sophani, economic analyst Hassan Mansour and journalist Banafshe Zand Bonnazzi join us.

News and Views devotes extensive coverage to Secretary Rice's trip to Seoul, South Korea and State Department spokesman Tom Casey's latest comments on Iran. Mr. Nader Oskoui, an Iranian analyst with SOSi, Ltd, discusses politics inside Iran. Mashallah Shampsolvaezin, spokesman for an Iranian press association, joins us from Tehran to discuss the recent shutting down of independent newspapers and the press freedom climate in Iran.

Roundtable will host Oscar nominee actress Shohreh Aghdashloo on her life and career.

Late Edition reports the latest news on the North Korean standoff and the Opec minister's meeting. Behnam Nateghi reviews the latest Robin Williams' comedy, "Man of the Year."