Newstalk has a round up of the top headlines of the day plus an in-depth discussion on living conditions, poverty and recent labor unrest in Iran in light of mass firings of many blue collar workers. Economist Dr. Bahman Aghaie Diba, National Endowment for Democracy Fellow Ali Afshari, and Iranian labor expert K. Malek-niazi will join us.

News & Views focuses on the recently passed sanctions package against North Korea and its implications for possible sanctions against Iran. Recent statements from State Dept. Undersecretary Nicholas Burns and UN Ambassador John Bolton will be reported. Fmr. Persian chief for Radio Israel Menache Amir, will join us to discuss the charges of alleged rape against Israeli President Moshe Katzav.

On Roundtable today, Dr. Esmail Noriala and Dr. Shokoh Mirzadegi, two historians and Persian antiquities specialists discuss the preservation of historical Iranians sites and the contribution of Cyrus the Great towards basic human and political rights.

Late Edition will feature part II of Avi Davidi's interview with Iranian exchange students from London. Darr Hashempour, the President of "Jewel of Persian" a non profit organization dedicated to building an Iranian community center in Irvine Calfornia to service the significant Iranian-American population living in Southern California, will give us an update on his efforts.