News Talk: Hosted by J. Chalangi & Vafa Mostaghim , Leads with the news headlines and the main topic for discussion will be : " How dictators in some countries pursue development of Nuclear power to meet their political ambition and to keep themselves in power for an unseen future". This topic will be discussed and analyzed by guests of the day Dr. Rasul Nafissi (Political Science professor, Strayer University), Cyrus Amouzegar (Journalist & Author, from Paris) and Dr. Mehrdad Khonsari (Political Analyst, from London), also Nima Tammadon of Radio Farda will report live from South Korea.

News & Views: Anchored by "A. Kangarloo", Leads with news headlines and Dr. Alireza Nourizadeh (Independent Journalist from London) and Dr. Hassan Masali (Political Analyst in studio) will review and analyze the present North Korean situation.

Roundtable: Hosted by "Ali Farhoodi", the topic of the day is: "A comical view of the present political situation in Iran" the guest of the day is the Iranian Satirist and author "Hadi Khorsandi from London".

Late Edition: Hosted by "Luna Shad" Leads with news headlines and "Taghi Mokhtar" (Journalist) will talk about Journalism.