Dear VOA/Persian

Please post this note on your website

There is a website that has a filter, and I will show you how you can open that, it is about the Flogging & Stoning & Terror & Torture in Iran. Here is the address : . you will see any Torture with the documentary texts and pictures since 1979 up to now. I would like the whole world see the Documentary pictures and Texts especially people in Iran.

This site has a filter too, this is the way how you can open that

Go to Google and click on advanced search engine

Then type in the search box

Then click on Contain the term

Then click on the Cached and you will be able to open the site

On the left side of the page you will see the list of the documentary Pictures and text about the Torture, to open the list please point the mouse on any picture and text that you want to open it and then Right click on the mouse and click on

Open in new window, then you are able to open all the documentary pictures and Texts since 1979 up to now. Thanks for who made this website.

Best Regards