On saturday July 19th a group of Iranians gathered in front of the Canadian parliament to remember Ms. Zahra Kazemi who was tortured to death by the Islamic regime.

It was a great ceremony with Ms. Kazemi's pictures in many protestors hands and with banners such as " we condemn the torture and Murder of Ms. Kazemi by the Islamic Regime" and "Iranian Canadian Journalist Murdered by the Iranian Regime"

The following article was also distributed to all passer by's. Many local tv stations such as NewRO, CJOH and Global Tv reported the event as well as CFRA News radio, which had an interview with one of the Organizers Sayeh Hassan on saturday July 18th as well as on July 19th.

Overall the media coveragel was considerably good and the protestros were able to bring their message arcross and let the Canadians know about their fight for a free Iran.

The crowd stayed in front of the Parliament from 12:30-2pm and from there marched towards the Iranian embassy holding Ms. Kazemi's pictures and banners. The demonstration continued until 3:45 and ended with protestors singing the Iranian national anthem "Ay Iran".

We hope that the Canadian government will take the situation of Ms. Kazemi seriously and will demand that her body be returned to Canada, only then can it be proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was tortured to death. We as Iranian/Canadians also ask the Canadian government to condemn the Iranian regime for all its crimes against humanity and cut their ties with the Iranian Regime.

Payande Iran

Sayeh Hassan