As you may have already found out recently and more than before, extreme censorship of internet media and numerous filters have been installed by ISPs and the Telecommunication Organization of the Iranian government to ban several Persian sites.

Lately such filtering has cast its doomed shadow over weblogs; consequently, free access to data has considerably decreased and this involves unreasonable banning of personal sites and weblogs in Persianblog and Blogspot (as a part of Google site).

Apparently, filtering weblogs is a kind of test to evaluate the level of public objection to such censorship, so that such limitations can later be applied to other Iranian sites. Meanwhile officials in charge do not shoulder the responsibility or by the ridiculous excuse of generally labeling all censored sites as 'immoral' they try to justify their action and some just express their useless regrets.

Hence we, the users, online writers and activists in technology fields and IT implore all of you to condemn the restriction of weblogs and declare your objection so that your silence will not be considered as your indifference towards this clear impediment of rights.

Please note that this is a strictly professional objection to the confinement of freedom and has no political aspect whatsoever. Thank you all for your voice, which we hope would be heard this time.

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