OTTAWA -- Canada has officially asked Iran for a full explanation of what happened to a Quebec woman who was arrested and allegedly beaten into a coma in Iran.

Foreign Affairs department official Reynald Doiron says deputy minister of foreign affairs Peter Harder has met with the Iranian ambassador to Canada.

Doiron says at the meeting, Harder reiterated Canada's request for the ``fullest possible explanation' into the circumstances surrounding Zahra Kazemi's arrest and hospitalization.

To drive home the message of concern, Canadian Ambassador Philip MacKinnon will meet with senior Iranian officials in Tehran on Saturday.

Doiron says Canadian Embassy officials have seen Kazemi three times since Monday.

Their latest visit was today when they also met with the Iranian doctors treating her.

The 54-year-old freelance photographer was arrested on June 23rd after taking pictures of a local prison.

She was allegedly branded a spy and beaten into a coma by police interrogators. (CP) ---