Islamic Republic of Iran has committed another act of international terrorism and sabotage, this time in conjunction with rouge regime of Cuba.

On July 5th, 2002 these international terrorists jammed certain signals into Loral sky net’s Telestar 12 satellite which broadcast Iranian TV programming.

The interference into transponder 10 on Telestar 12 was emanating from Bejucal located about 20 miles outside of the Cuban capital Havana. The Bejucal base was built by Russians in early 1990s for monitoring and intercepting satellite communication.

The jamming coincided with inauguration of Voice of America’s Farsi language television programming to Iran as well as the fourth anniversary of student uprising. Jamming the Telestar 12 uplink cutoff broadcasts not only in Iran but in Europe and the rest of Middle East as well.

This malicious act not only affected Iranian TV programs, but also other international TV broadcasts including a Chinese TV program. Alliance of the two tyrant regimes and committing international sabotage to these businesses in America is a clear and present danger to the United States.

I urge the United States government to initiate sanctions against both governments of Cuba and Iran. I ask the Iranian media to file a class action law suits against these two criminal regime’s assets in US and Europe and to use any court awarded funds to fight the terrorist regime in Tehran.