How many more american soldiers have to die in Iraq and Afganistan?

How many more americans have to cry for their sons, brothers, fathers or husbands?

How long do they want to ignore the truth?

US and british soldiers die everyday in Iraq and Afganistan, just because of the provocations of the islamic government of Iran.

They also support islamic extremist groups like Hamas and Hizbullah, which are big problems for peace in Israel and neareast.

The islamic government in Iran is the head of the international terrorism. The war against terrorism can never ends, as long as the islamic government in Iran exists.

It is fact that many important members of Al-Qaeda were and are still hiding in Iran.

And who will be surpised if they (sooner or later) find Bin Laden in Iran too?

It comes better: the islamic government of Iran is going to get nuclear weapons!!!

The countdown for another sep.11th. has started and this I don't want even to imagine, what can happen! Anyone of us can be the next victim. Many of us!!!

If the islamic government get more time (what exactly they are trying now) so it is possible for them to hide everything, the way sadam did with all his chemical weapons.

And it is not unbelievable to find some of them in Iran someday!!! Who knows?

The islamic government of Iran is a dangerous virus (like aids virus) in the body of the free world.

And the free world must do something against them soon and support the iranian people who are fighting against the islamic government with empty hands.

We need help! And the best help is a totally embargo.

And those europian governments which are still supporting the islamic government of Iran, have to stop it immediately, in the name of God, Freedom and Goodness.

Ariyoo from Tehran