Ba Salaam استفاده از موتور جستجوی گوگل به عنوان پراکسی برای دور زدن فيلتر سانسور

I know from Iran people they can not access to many internet due to have a filter. but I find a very good way to access any news through internet, please tell them this is the way they can access to any news from internet with very clear voice. Here is the address

1- Go to GOOGLE search engineبهبرويد

2- Click on Advanced Search روی جستجوی پيشرفته کليک کنيد

3- Type in the box : The name of the news radio or TV (with no http://www) اسم راديو يا سايت مورد نظر را وارد کنيد

4- Then click on GOOGLE Search روی search کليک کنيد

5- Then click on CONTAIN THE TERM of the news that you are searching روی contain the term کليک کنيد

6- Then click on CASHED of the news that you are searching روی cashed کليک کنيد

Then you are in the site you want with very clear voice.

best regards Ava Hadidifard