19 juni 2003 12:30 Dear Prime Minister,

> We are appealing to you on behalf of the pro-democracy movement and millions > of ordinary citizens suffering under the clerical leadership in Iran. > Surely, your government must be aware of the restlessness and countless acts > of civil disobedience taking place in Iran on a daily basis. On June 10th, > 2003 thousands of Iran?s youth braved chain-wielding vigilantes to chant for > freedom and an end to dictatorship in Tehran and other major cities. The > student protests quickly gathered support from the rest of the population. >

> Mr Prime Minister, the misjudged notion enunciated time and again that the > current Islamic regime in Iran is an "emerging democracy" not only misleads > public opinion here but it also delays the struggle of freedom-loving > Iranians. What passes for a semblance of democracy in Iran is nothing more > than a well-staged and fully-orchestrated exercise in power-sharing among > the members of the ruling theocratic element. We believe that the policy of > ?constructive engagement? with so-called ?reformers? inside the Islamic > republic should be abandoned in favour of the Iranian people?s noble > aspirations. >

> We the signatories of this petition believe that a democratic and secular > government, representative of, and responsive to the majority of the Iranian > people must come to power. But such a government will only come to be if > Britain and other democratic states realise that cutting deals with tyranny > is immoral. The national interest of Iran calls for a peaceful transition of > power in a free and internationally supervised referendum. We urge the Prime > Minister to join other countries in creating the political climate to make > this come true as soon as possible. > > Yours Sincerely, > > > > > > SUPPORTERS OF A FREE AND SECULAR IRAN > > > > > Recipients: > Prime Minister Tony Blair > > Petition posted by:

> Radio Sedaye Iran

> http://www.krsi.net/

> http://iranvajahan.net/german/uprising.html

> for the people of Iran > > Geographic Scope of Petition: > Iran

> > Launch Date: > 6/17/2003 >