The much hated Iraqi born head of the Islamic Republic judiciary, Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroodi was booed and jeered by protester in Iran when he made an official visit to the international book exhibition held in Tehran on Sunday.

One of the eyewitnesses present at the exhibition told the BBC Persian Service reporter; when Ayatollah Shahroodi was about to exit the Hall No.2 in the exhibition, a group of people present started chanting Hashemi Resign, Hashemi Resign and started pushing towards the Ayatollahs entourage.

One journalist from the Islamic Republic Labour News Agency (Kar) was injured during the scuffles. Mohammad Sahfi, the press deputy for the Ministry of Islamic Guidance said the matter will be further investigated.

Ayatollah Shahroodi had to quickly leave the exhibition when scuffles broke out, at which point the people started spontaneously singing the patriotic Ey Iran national anthem.

The Ey Iran, Land of Glorious Frontiers much frowned upon by the clerics as too nationalistic and anti-Islamic has become the focal point of many protests against the Islamic clerical rulers.

Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroodi, the Iraqi born head of the Islamic Republics notorious judiciary is responsible for the imprisonment of many of Iran's dissident writers and journalists.