Next Chapter Highlights

Show Number 34: Tuesday, April 29, 2003
Hosted by Ahmad Baharloo and the Next Chapter Team

Regular Segments

Opening: Mr. Baharloo announces that we have received responses from some of the winners of the Oscars web contest. One of the winners has expressed the same concern that we have had – getting the prizes to winners inside of Iran may be a difficult task. In his e-mail, Shamsollah Lotfi says that any item worth more than $50 is usually confiscated by Iranian customs agents or corrupt postal workers and he would rather dedicate his prize to Mr. Baharloo and have him use it than know that it has fallen in the hands of the mullahs. Mr. Baharloo asks viewers to contact the show and give us their ideas for the best means of getting the prizes to winners inside of Iran.

World News with Luna Shad

Sports News with Roozbeh Mazhari

Movie: Mr. Baharloo and Luna Shad discuss “Identity”. The discussion covers the plot twists of the movie, the performances of the cast and the cinematography.

In the Fast Lane: Roozbeh Mazhari reports on all of the features of the Ferrari 355 F1, one of the most stylish and expensive sports cars on the market.

Music: “Another Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd. The segment includes a detailed introduction and biography on the band and their era.

Special Features:

Shaban Jaffari: Luna Shad interviews Shaban Jaffari at his home in Los Angeles. Jaffari, who is now 82, is one of the most famous Iranian traditional “Bastani” athletes of all time and one of the icons of the Iranian social, and political scenes before the revolution. He has also been highly cited as one of the instrumental instigators of the 1953 coup d’etat of then Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh, but he dismisses most of the stories as the exaggerated fairy tales. Part two of this interview will air next week on Next Chapter.

Day in the Life: Episode one of a day in the life of Farzad. Farzad is 23 years old and works as a salesman at Darcars Ford Dealership in Virginia. In this episode we meet Farzad and follow his activities at work.

Filmfest DC: Luna Shad and Monna Kashfi cover opening night of the 17th annual Washington film festival. This year, the festival was initiated with a screening of John Malkovich’s directorial debut, “The Dancer Upstairs”. The report includes an exclusive interview Luna Shad conducted with Malkovich in French.

Special Note:

This week, the show included some bilingual studio introductions. There were introductions in Farsi, English, French and German.