The war on Iraq is mysterious. The news is broadcasted in a strange way. While up to some months ago a lot of world's people did not know even the exact place of the Iraq on the map, now in the South America, the young people hold the picture of Saddam Houssein above their heads as the leader of the liberty.

Do they have forgotten his brutality in the war with Iran, Kuwait and even his own nation?

Why we did not observe such protests when he and his evil spirit army attacked Iran? Why there were no voices objecting the Serbs, when they were acting like Nazi?s in Bosnia?

Why BBC and CNN and many others acting as the TV of Iraq, are broadcasting the speeches of Mohammad Sahaf, Saddam Hossein, Naji Sabri, and so on, minute to minute,?

Why the exact number of US and British casualties and death, number of exploded tanks, helicopters and fighters of the coalition forces is showed every hour on the news bar of the international broadcasting TV's, and no one knows the same about the Iraqis?

Are we being fooled