Support Mr. Moris Capitorn request from Canada MPs to issue a bill to condemn violation of human right in Iran, which has become worse.

Dear Member of Parliament

Mr. Capitorn, who was a special reporter of U.N.H.C.R. for the last six years attended a parliament committee on Feb. 03 . He informed the members that the human rights violations in Iran were getting worse. He told "there has not been a significant change to improve human rights in Iran and the human rights situation has become worse". Mr. Capitorn requested that the Government prepare a bill regarding the case to introduce to the U.N. general assembly.

We, Iranian human rights activists, Canadian Citizens and residence of other countries support his idea and welcome parliament and government to pass a resolution to condemn systematic human rights abuses by Iran's regime.

These are the latest violations, for your more information:

1. Arrest of five journalists who are: Mrs. Yasaman Sofi Mr. Amir Ezati Mr. Mohamad Abdi Mr. Kambiz Kahe Mr. Saeed Mostaazi

2. Arrest of Mr. Mohammad Khalili _ writer

3. Arrest of some members of the families of the political prisoners when they gathered in front of the hotel to meet the special U.N.H.C.R Inspector.

4. Arrest of Mr. Ghasem Shole Sadi, Ex member of parliament and political activist. He is on a hunger strike.

5. Execution of Mr. Mohamad Golabi a political activist in Saghez, Kurdestan.

6. Hanging of Behroz Hamid and Ali Shomali in public

7. Prevented Ayatollha Montazeri to go to Tehran for medical treatment.

We strongly support his idea and request you in accordance to the Human Rights universal declaration and in order to improve human rights conditions in Iran to pass a resolution to condemn the systematic violation of human rights in Iran and ask the regime to follow the signed international protocols.

Human Rights Defense Association of Iran – Montreal - Canada – Human Rights Defense Comity of Iran - Sweden – Center for thought, dialogue and human rights for Iran- Toronto The Action Committee for the release of Prisoners of Conscience in Iran -