Dear friends: Please help us to promote the following issue that is very important in stopping the legitimization of the Islamic Regime of Iran by its supporters and lobbyists. Please print, distribute, announce, and promote this in any possible form and method. Thank you. MEHR Iran PLEASE COMPARE THE REOLUTIONS 504 AND 505 AND ACT

Let us make it our New Year resolution to intensify our efforts to expose and stop Human rights violations in Iran.

The foreign policy of the US towards Iran may be shaped through two opposing Resolutions. House Resolution 504 proposed by Congressman Lantos that is identical to Senate Resolution 306 sponsored by Senator Brownback draws a clear picture of the power structure and its inhumane nature in Iran and proposes a humane approach to help the drive of Iranians for freedom and democracy. On the other hand, House Resolution 505 sponsored by Congressman Bob Ney, does not agree with this approach, and seeks a ?reformed? Islamic Regime to fit a Muslim society for Iranians. Both resolutions will be re-introduced to new congress. We will inform you of any change of status.

Please read these two Resolutions carefully at the following links, compare them, and then act upon the one you believe is worthy of support.

Your actions may include the followings:

1- Identify the name of your house representatives and your state senators. You may enter your ZIP code and your 4-digit ZIP code extension at the following site to find your representative: Identify your Representatives

2- Call your representatives and ask her/him to co-sponsor the resolution that you prefer.

3- Write to your representatives and ask her/him to co-sponsor the resolution that you prefer.

4- Collect signature from other people in your district and sending it directly to your representative. You may use our proposed sample form and modify it as you wish. Signed petition forms sent to MEHR will be forwarded to your representative.

5- You may also make your request through e-mail. However, this is the least effective way to be heard. The combination of calling and writing would be the best.

6- It will be very helpful if you inform MEHR of any action taken in this regard.

Our efforts should be directed at making a clear distinction between the terrorist regime of Iran and the peaceful freedom loving Iranians. By making this distinction and announcing it to the world community, the ill treatment of the Iranians who are the victims of terrorism, as we witnessed in recent immigration crack down, would never happen again.

Precautionary rules and regulations aimed clearly against the terrorist activities of the Islamic Regime of Iran and their supporters and agents are welcomed, but the hardship inflicted upon the innocent people should not be tolerated. We strongly believe that a clear USA foreign policy with respect to the terrorism of the Islamic Regime of Iran will put an end to this unacceptable treatment of the Iranians and will have full support of the freedom loving Iranians with respect to implementation of necessary rules and regulations to fight terrorism.

Unfortunately, the unacceptable treatment of the Iranians by the INS has created a proper avenue for the Islamic Regime of Iran and its supporters and lobbyists to divert the public attentions from the human rights violation in Iran.

It is very crucial to differentiate between these elements and those who genuinely oppose the mistreatment of the Iranians. Making such distinction is not that difficult. Those who do not make clear references to the human rights violations by the Islamic Regime are practically serving the interests of the Islamic Regime and should not be supported.

Thank you and Happy New Year.

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